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At New York Comic Con, Growing Pains Come With the Crowds
The organizer of New York Comic Con says it has found a way to pack more people into an already packed show. The event, which celebrates the crossroads of comic books and pop culture, draws such huge crowds that the 151,000 tickets sold out in hours …
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Miles of Steam Pipes Snake Beneath New York
This episode of “Living City,” a video series about New York's infrastructure, looks at the history of the city's steam system and explores how a technology that eliminated chimneys from the skyline in the early 20th century is helping reduce carbon …
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New York Today: Glimpse the Hidden City
You can thank the 12th annual Open House New York Weekend for more than 300 behind-the-facade visits. Gregory Wessner, the executive director of Open House New York, said the visits are intended to reveal “how important architecture and urban design …
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